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Hi! I'm [_] (she/her)

I promise I have no idea what I'm doing.
I enjoy learning and feeling unfamiliar.
I try to make stuff that may be of help.
I think about what is and what could be.
I hope to travel and foster communities.
I intend to share each of these in time.

This site is primarily an effort to be a little more social. ^-^ I worry over starting conversations, and hope that sharing what's new somewhere might help prevent falling out of touch with friends.
While that goal is personal, I'll be sharing experiences and lessons–both learned and authored–which hopefully anyone may benefit from.

Some important notes about the site itself:

Every page will use the same stylesheet, I'll aim to keep it simple and to avoid changing rules that are already in place. I encourage you to overwrite or add rules to suit your preference, both here and across the internet. ^-^

Every page may change with every update, the date at the bottom of each page reflects the most recent substantive change to that page; on this page alone that date instead reflects when the site was most recently built.

There are both a changelog and an rss feed so you can more easily keep track of updates. In the future there might also be a newsletter for whomever that may be more convenient.


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